Improvement In CCTV Technology

Thanks to the latest technology in CCTV we can now offer our customers a wider range of products with the ability to lower false alarms through CCTV notifications and recording.

AcuSence CCTV.

AcuSense CCTV systems have been equipped with the latest CCTV Technology which allows the camera to determine the difference between vehicles, humans and other objects such as animals leaves and much more.

“Why would I need an AcuSence camera?”
  • AcuSence cameras greatly reduce false alarms which in turn reduces the amount of space required to record events.
  • AcuSence cameras have a strobe light and/or siren inbuilt to the camera which warns the intruder before they act.
  • AcuSence cameras can notify directly to a customers smartphone of any vehicle or human activity.
  • AcuSence offers a quick search facility to the recorder to allow ease of searching events.

ColorView CCTV.

ColorView CCTV systems are designed to offer 24/7 color image even at zero-light. ColorView cameras also come equipped with a warm supplementary light to help light up the area when motion is detected.

“Why would I need an ColorView camera?”

  • Colorview cameras are clear, full color image day and night which in turn will help identify suspects rapidly.
  • ColorView cameras have in built supplementary lighting triggered by motion.
  • Colorview enhances detail around the clock when reviewing footage.

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